Create a project

When you start with QMENTA, you will already have access to several public data sets that we have shared with you. But you can also start your own project.

Step1: Create Project

When you log in, select +Create New Project.

Step 2: Add information

  1. Abbreviation: A 5-letter keyword to qualify your project
  2. Name: The project name will be displayed in the project list
  3. Dates: Starting/Ending Dates for the Project
  4. Data Location : To comply with privacy laws, we offer the possibility to choose the data location
  5. DICOM Anonymization : Security is important to us. That is why you can select the confidentiality level that you prefer
  6. Measure of Age: You can select months or years

Once you have entered all the information, click on Save Changes. This will create the project.
Congratulations! You can now start uploading data or sharing the project with other collaborators.


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