Quality Control of uploaded data

Quality control (QC) of data is useful to check the uploaded data. Something could go wrong during the acquisition (i.e. movement artefacts), processing or even during the upload. 

In the case the data has been damaged, we can use the QC status to mark it and even add explanation of what could have happened. 

Also, with this QC status, you can give us feedback about the process for further investigation. 

How to use QC

Please login to the platform, select a project and open the 'Data' tab.
In the ‘Data’ view, select a session for which you want to edit the QC status.
Click on the 'QC status' button, and a new window will appear:

Here, you can set the QC status field to Fail, Pass or Unknown.
Additionally, you can write a comment detailing the problem in more depth.

You can also check the history of the QC by clicking on 'View Change History'.

Here, you will see who made the changes, when they were made and what the result of the QC was.

Once finished writing a comment and selecting the corresponding status of QC, click on the 'Change' button in order to save your changes.


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