Upload data (Platform)

You can upload data by creating a subject profile in a simple step.

First, click on the ‘Data’ icon in the left menu.

Click on 'Upload Session Data’

  1. Drag and drop a zip file which includes DICOM or NIFTI files for one session. Alternatively, you can select a zip file from your file system
  2. Enter Subject ID and Session ID. Optionally, you can enter Age at scan and add tags. (Note: for the Subject ID the space character cannot be used). 
  3. Click Show Metadata if you have any metadata such as gender or handedness.
  4. Click Save.

Once the upload is completed, you can see the uploaded data in the data list.

In order to keep control of data uploads, projects can configure an electronic signature to be requested from users trying to upload new data. In that case, the user will be required to introduce their password before the upload can be started.

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