Share a project

When you create a project, you will be the Owner of the project. When you invite another user, the default role of the new user is Guest.


I. Share data

You can invite other collaborators by entering their email and clicking Share. You can also share your data with QMENTA to discuss your data and analysis.

After editing, click Create Project/Save Changes to save your settings.



If the project is already created, you can press the 'config' button on the dashboard, under My Projects section. Then you can enter the user email address with who you want to share the project with (please make sure to use the mail address the user is registered with). Set the role that fits, and don't forget to hit the Save button.

You can find a description of the different access roles to better manage your team. There are different types of roles depending on the access level to a project. You can easily set the other users' roles to fit your needs.    II. How to find the shared project   If someone shared a project with you, you will receive a notification on the platform. A notification appears on the left menu. If you click the menu item, you will see the project name. Then, you can find it in the project list on the right side of the dashboard.  Don't hesitate to activate the project and explore its images and analysis.    

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