Search and download analysis results

After completing an analysis, you can browse the results from My Analysis tab.

There are four ways to obtain analysis results:

  1. Show Results

You can simply open results. An image viewer will open automatically or a report will be downloaded, depending on the analysis type.

  1. Click on the ‘My Analysis’ tab
  2. Check an analysis you want to browse
  3. Click on the Results 
  4. Select Show Results

The above picture is the case of FA maps which opens an image viewer.

II. Analysis Information

If you select 'Analysis information', you can explore the status of the analysis and leave QC (Quality Control) comments.

  • List Files: You can see the list of files generated by the analysis
  • See Quality Report: You can check the Quality of analysis in a step-by-step way
  • View Change History: You can see the history of the QC status and comments
  • New Comment: You can leave a comment about the analysis

III. Result files

Select Result Files, to see the list of the files generated by the analysis so that you can visualize, download or delete the files. The picture below shows how to visualize a NIFTI file.

  1. Select a file you want to visualize
  2. Click on ‘Visualize’

IV. Get Report

If you select ‘Get Report’, you can download a formatted document in PDF for the analysis results.


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