Offline Analysis

What is it for

The offline analysis can be useful, for example, when you edit the data by drawing or changing some calculations locally on your computer. In those cases, you can store your new so-called offline analysis in our platform.

Requirements for the upload

The accepted file formats are the following ones: gpickle, nifti, mat, trk, tck, vtk, xls, fbs, csv, tsv, npy, doc, docx, pdf, tex, html, txt. In addition, if you have enough upload quota, there is no other restriction about what kind of offline analysis we accept.

Integrate it into our analysis

To use your offline analysis as an input for one of our analyses, please contact us ( to be sure that your analysis output is compatible  with the input requirements of our analysis.

Move it to another project

Our platform lets us move an analysis which is connected to uploaded data. For the offline analysis, there is no option to move it into another project. Even so you 'can' handle this if you download the offline analysis (in case you deleted it from your computer) and then upload it to the other project. Now you have a copy of your offline analysis in both projects. Delete the offline analysis from the original project if needed.

How to upload and visualize the offline analysis

To get these practically useful answers please read this help page. Please note that the result of the visualization of the offline analysis is not our responsibility as the platform does not provide any quality check or guarantee for the uploaded analyses.

If you have any problems with the uploading or with the visualization, contact us to help to figure out the source of the problem.

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