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How to use Metadata manager

This function is useful when you would like to edit your uploaded data' properties.

  1. Log in to the platform
  2. Select your desired project
  3. Select My Data
  4. Select that session which you want to change
  5. Click on the Other options and select Metadata Manager
  6. Change your parameters

Every parameter has  6 properties:

  • Title: To know what that data stands for
  • ID: To know how you refer to that data
  • Type: It can be String, Integer, List, Date, and Decimal depending on what do you want to store by that data
  • Vis.: To let that parameter to be seen
  • R/O.: To let that parameter only be readable

Or make a new parameter by clicking on the 'Add Parameter' button and set the properties of your new parameters.


Note: If something doesn't have got the proper format, we will highlight it with red.


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