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How is the data organized in the platform?

Data structure

Your Neuroimaging work is centralized and reproducible in QMENTA's platform. Images and derived data are structured as below.

  • Project is a set of brain scans for a specific purpose. All subjects and images are associated with one project. Also, you can define access settings such as Administrator, Collaborator and Guest.
  • Subject is a participant of your research or clinical trials.
  • Session is an event when a subject visits an imaging center and takes scans. On the platform, timepoint can include clinical scores and demographic data of the subject like age at scan.
  • Images are files that are acquired from MRI machines like T1, T2, DTI, fMRI and so on. Please note that besides Imaging data, many other data formats are accepted such as pdf, txt, csv, ... 
  • Analysis results are generated by several analysis tools on the platform such as Morphology. Also, you can run analysis offline and upload the results to the platform.

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