How do I use the Software Developer Kit (SDK) to use my own tool in the QMENTA platform?

How to integrate your own tool to our system is a common question.

It is easy but it is important to understand that,  to allow this kind of co-work with you, we have to give you a special permission and prepare a contract which outlines our new relationship, if we accept your tool.

  1. Read the description of the SDK on
  2. Contact us directly by booking a meeting with our colleagues to accept your idea.
  3. Afterwards, at the same time as we prepare the official contract we can offer you the special permissions, which enable you to integrate your algorithms into our system, thus you don't waste any time.
  4. Read our technical documentation on
  5. Finally, we provide you with the contract which you have to sign in order to publish your tool through our system.

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