How can I move / copy data to another project?

It is possible to move or copy data from one project to another. 

If you move data, the data will be deleted from the current project. If you copy the data, the data will be duplicated.

It is important to note that the analysis results are not copied or moved to another project, only the data associated with a specific session.

Depending on your role in the current project you can copy, move or just see the files. Copying files is possible from projects that you have permission to see.

This guide shows how to move data, although the basic steps are the same as for copying. You must login to the platform and activate a project containing the data you want to move.

  1. Click "My Data"
  2. Check a session you want to move (or copy)

  1. Click on "Other Options" in the top menu
  2. Select "Move Session To ..."
  3. Select a project where you want it to move to

You can also copy by selecting "Copy Session To ..."

Note: Copying is not instantaneous as it takes time to duplicate all of the data. 

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