Analysis search and management

Under the 'Analysis' tab, you can search for an analysis based on creation time, type, its tag or the QC status. Below we summarize all of the possibilities that you can use searching an analysis. After the selection of the search criteria, do not forget about clicking on the 'Search' button.

Choose the type:
You can select from the scroll down list which type of analyses you want to see. In this case FreeSurfer.

You can search based on the creation time. This is probably tricky because you need to remember exactly on which day it was created. Thus use a period of time to identify the data.

If previously you tagged the analysis, it is easy to find it by writing the name of the tag into the tag field. The tag searcher differentiates upper and lower case.

Analysis Name provides an easy search option. This is why it is important to give a unique name to each of the analyses.

To see all the analyses connected to one subject, type the identifier of the subject, i.e. the 'subject ID'. 

To see which analyses have failed and which ones have passed change the QC status field to the adequate one.

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